Conference 2014 Videos

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Conference 2014 Videos

EllisLab Opening Remarks

Derek Jones

Join Derek Jones as he welcomes everyone to the 2014 ExpressionEngine Conference.

Conference 2014 Videos

Failure Is a Dumb Thing To Celebrate: How I Totally Screwed Up My Business

Kristina Halvorson

In 2011, Kristina Halvorson (CEO, Brain Traffic, and author, Content Strategy for the Web) seemed to be on top of the world. She ran a renowned content strategy consultancy, debuted a sold-out content strategy conference, and was being hailed everywhere as “the Queen of Content Strategy." Behind the scenes, however, her business was faltering, and her refusal to acknowledge it resulted in significant fallout, both financially and personally. Where did things go wrong? For the first time onstage, Kristina will share her story of the downfall (and subsequent recovery) of her business … and why she thinks “failure” is a word you should never use.

Conference 2014 Videos

Lessons from the Lemonade Stand, Why Kids are Better Entrepreneurs

Carl Smith

Kids are better entrepreneurs than we are. They show up excited, listen to their customers and make sure everyone is happy. But something happens as they grow up. Kids lose their enthusiasm and ability to empathize. Then they become us. Super busy adults, always tired, cranky and never having enough time to do a good job. Why does this happen and how can we get that fun swagger of our youth back? The answers may delight you.

Conference 2014 Videos

Parser, Routes, and Relationships, oh my!

EllisLab Engineers

Are you getting the most out of EE's features? This lightning round presentation by 3 of EE's developers explores their favorite commonly misunderstood features of ExpressionEngine.

Conference 2014 Videos

Co-Design Not Redesign

Kevin Hoffman

Sure, we don't like sitting in meetings. They can be ragged speed bumps in our process; necessary evils used to secure agreement without incurring excessive tire damage. But by treating face-to-face collaboration as a design problem, that time together can become a tool more effective than any design, code, or content work you undertake alone.

Conference 2014 Videos

The True Purpose Of Your CMS

Ben Croker

ExpressionEngine’s extensibility makes it a remarkable platform, however many of us still use it to simply manage the content on our websites. Ben has a grand vision of what a CMS should be and in this talk he will share with you the full potential of EE and show you that used in the right way, it can greatly increase the value and success rate of your projects.

Conference 2014 Videos

Business in Marriage: The Third Spouse

Erik Reagan

We love making things. That's why we go to conferences to learn about how we can make better things in better ways. Many of us love making things so much that it's what we spend the majority of our day doing. And if we're not careful, we spend the majority of our nights and weekends making things too. That's not inherently bad, but when you consider the fuller life that we're each living, there's a huge risk that we lose focus and perspective of what really matters to us.

This session will be incredibly honest and transparent. We'll talk about entrepreneurship and relationships. I'll share part of my wife and I's story. I'll also have some guests share their stories. We'll talk about marriages that have been strong, weak, or even failed due—in part—to the effects that running a business can have on owners and spouses. If you're married, or might one day be married, this session might just change your life. Or maybe the life of someone you know after you walk away with something that could help them.

Conference 2014 Videos

Hacking ExpressionEngine (Literally)

Eric Lamb

Download the XSS Demo Files Here. Working with 3rd party tools and software, like ExpressionEngine and add-ons, means that there are real risks when it comes to staying up to date with security issues are discovered and patched. To help drive this point home, join Eric Lamb (mithra62) as he installs old versions of EE and add-ons to show, in real time, the various compromised components, how to exploit them, and the consequences. For example: 1. Showing how to use CSRF to fool forms and perform unauthorized actions. 2. Examples of SQL Injection attacks to display unauthorized data and even destroy a website entirely. 3. How to perform Mail header injection attacks to send spam email from a victim website. 4. Workable examples of Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks to hijack sessions and other nastiness.  

Conference 2014 Videos

Triple Digit Growth - How thinking differently can make it happen

Brad Parscale

Many have asked how I continually grow my business, even when it appears a plateau has been reached. In the last 10 years my business has accomplished triple-digit growth almost every year. In this discussion we will explore business decisions, some absurd and others practical, that can grow your bottom line.

I will share stories of business battles and sleepless nights that led to the critical decisions that accelerated my business. I will push you to think differently, step out of the expected paths and cultivate ideas to grow your business. Whether your business is just you or a group of 40, we will answer the question that everyone asks: how do I grow my business?

Conference 2014 Videos

URL Routing: Practical techniques to decrease dev time, keep your sanity, and make more money

Michael Rog

EE's native URL naming convention (template_group/template) is great for beginners, but it can be limiting. URL routes allow you to unchain your URLs from your templates, which leads to cleaner code, easier maintenance, improved sanity, and the ability to take on more advanced (and lucrative) work.

We'll explore how ExpressionEngine processes URLs, and how we can easily hook into the process to achieve amazing URL flexibility -- without clogging up our templates with routing logic, needless parsing overhead, or expensive hacks. Want to add extra segments to a Structure URL? Route multiple URLs to the same template? Create multi-lingual URLs? Ensure authentication across several pages? Add API endpoints? All easy-peasy, once you've mastered the art of URL routing.

Conference 2014 Videos

Panel - Growing a Web Agency

Leslie Camacho

A candid conversation with Kristina Halvorson (Brain Traffic), Brad Parscale (Giles-Parscale), and Erik Reagan (Focus Lab) on the ups and downs of growing a web agency. We'll talk about their failures, their successes, what they would do differently, and what they are currently doing to grow their businesses. Moderated by Leslie Camacho.

Conference 2014 Videos

Rapid Prototyping Applications with ExpressionEngine

Noah Stokes

ExpressionEngine is one of the best CMS's out there today–we all know this. But have you ever thought about using ExpressionEngine for something other than a CMS? Noah Stokes is going to talk to us about how he used ExpressionEngine to build a prototype for a web app, AirTraffic. Watching this talk will open your mind to so many new possibilities for ExpressionEngine that you may have never thought of before.

Conference 2014 Videos

Simple Steps to Security and Performance

Chris Wells

Chris will go over some simple but very important steps to ensure that you are doing the basics (and beyond) in terms of both security and performance of your ExpressionEngine installation.

Conference 2014 Videos

The Great Game of EE Business

Rebecca Taylor

Learn about how successful businesses in the trenches have utilized game principles to maximize profits. What are the rules for the game of being in EE business? What is our individual stake? How do we keep score? What are our critical numbers? Let's start thinking about ourselves as more than just individual developers or small agencies using a common tool. Let's be in it to win it. You gotta wanna.

Conference 2014 Videos

Developers & Depression

Greg Baugues

10 years ago Greg Baugues laying in bed praying that God wouldn’t wake him up. Today, he is speaking at conferences about how mental illness has changed his life.

One in five Americans will face mental illness in their lifetime, with even higher numbers amongst developers. Mental illness takes the lives of many great minds, due to the stigma of the disease and fear of seeking out help. In this incredibly transparent talk, Baugues encourages open dialogue and reminds those suffering that they are not alone.

Conference 2014 Videos

The Best Secret Weapon for Finding ExpressionEngine Performance Issues

Anna Brown

New Relic is the ultimate tool for developers to see deeply into the front-end and back-end performance of their ExpressionEngine project. Come find out how to use New Relic to quickly find the source of your ExpressionEngine bottlenecks and performance issues.

Conference 2014 Videos

When It All Goes Wrong

Chad Crowell

We've come to expect a slowdown at our design agency in the early weeks of each year. 2014 was no different. Except that it was. Early weeks turned into early months, and by March, Clearfire was teetering on the brink due to financial issues. How could we be working so hard, yet making no money? Learn how it happened, how we survived, and how we hope to prevent it from happening again.

Conference 2014 Videos

Web Design & Copyrights

Jeremy Sloan

Does including copyright 2014 at the bottom of your page actually mean anything? What about all rights reserved? Navigating the complex world of copyrights on the Internet can be confusing and getting it wrong could cost you. In this topic we will explore the different mechanisms transferring copyrights, how those mechanisms can protect you and your client and which ones are potentially right for your business.

Conference 2014 Videos

How Codesly develops, maintains and supports commercial add-ons for multiple versions of EE

David Dexter

David Dexter, from Codesly, the creators of BrilliantRetail will discuss the development life cycle for creating, maintaining and supporting a commercial add-on. We’ll look at simultaneously developing for multiple versions of ExpressionEngine and source our control methodology. We’ll also explore the tools we use to make tracking all of these moving parts easier.

Conference 2014 Videos

Content Strategy 101 for Your Web Agency

Krista Kotrla

Learn the one crazy simple strategy that drives the right kind of traffic to any website. If you understand this, you will understand how to help your clients too. This content strategy is so effective it even inspired a boring medical company go “all in” with content marketing which resulted in 8x the web traffic, 80x the web leads and more than $9 million dollars in sales. It’s a three word strategy that will equip you to generate a year’s worth of content ideas in 1 hour with your clients, attract the right kinds of prospects, and inspire content that grows businesses. Are you ready?

Conference 2014 Videos

Bootstrapping EE - Creating an efficient and optimum environment for Reusability

Carl Crawley

As businesses, our focus is on providing the most optimum solution for your clients budget and to the best of our ability while keeping a keen eye on the bottom-line finance. In Carl’s talk he demonstrates how you can create consistency, save time and improve the bottom-line profitability of your projects by setting up your ExpressionEngine build in the most optimum and streamlined way, implementing into a GIT repository for version control and then, with the use of some simple scripts, create an installable bootstrap which will enable you to deploy new sites in a matter of seconds.

Conference 2014 Videos

Digital Project Managers - The Unsung Heroes of Healthy Teams and Successful Projects

Crystal Vitelli

Project managers are more than just taskmasters, time watchers and client wranglers, they are the gap fillers - the safety net for your projects and even for your company. We’ll explore the benefits of integrating project management into your projects and your team, and help you identify core qualities your project managers should possess. You’ll learn what successful project management can do for team morale, project quality and your business in general. Hiring the right project manager could very well be the best business decision you ever make.

Conference 2014 Videos

When not to use EE :A talk for Developers about the critical factors in building web apps with EE

Phil Zaengle

Warning, opinions will be expressed!
We all love EE, but is it always the right tool for the job? In this riveting, developer-centric talk hear how Zaengle Corp determines whether to use EE or build a custom application for client work. This developer-centric talk will help you evaluate whether or not to utilize EE in building your client’s web application; should we use EE or pitch an alternative solution? We’ll cover critical issues like performance, data structure, and scalability as a way to help us make great decisions that lead to great software.
If you listened to Noah Stokes cover rapid prototyping in EE, this is the follow up you don’t want to miss.

Conference 2014 Videos

Panel - Quit Your Day Job! Learn from the mistakes and successes of people who quit in order to succ

Leslie Camacho

You've dreamt of it. That day when you sign your own pink slip to strike out on your own. This is your opportunity to pick the brains of Low, Philip Zaengle, and Matt Blackwell who all quit in order to succeed. Learn from their mistakes, successes, and best practices. Then Quit! 

Conference 2014 Videos

Panel - Deploying EE From Start to Finish

Brad Parscale

Brad Parscale moderates grills, Phil Zaengle, Paulo Elias, and Garrett St. John on how they deploy and maintain ExpressionEngine sites for their clients. Learn from their pain, hacks, tricks, and best practices. Remember if you still FTP, you're doing it wrong!