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October 3-4, 2016 | Detroit, MI

The ExpressionEngine Conference is a community run design and developer conference dedicated to educating and enhancing the ExpressionEngine community. As it has grown, the conference has added new offerings and has become an essential event for agencies building ExpressionEngine sites. Why is it for you?

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2014 Rewind

Conference Rewind

“It would be disingenuous to narrow this down to one thing. I met a LOT of amazing people, made some good friends and fantastic contacts and probably learned more about EE in a week than I would have in the past year at home.”

- Damien Buckley

“The ExpressionEngine conference is without a doubt the biggest gathering of the smartest minds in the EE community.”

- Ben Croker

“Last year’s conference was a fantastic venue and everyone that attended had a real positive attitude. I hope this year’s will echo that with more people coming to learn and be inspired.”

- Carl Crawley

“The people and environment of the EE Conference always re-energizes me, motivates me to become a more excellent developer, and opens my eyes to new techniques and best-practices.”

- Michael Rog

Create better content, build stronger agencies, and increase your success.

Why is it for you?

Connect and Learn

Connect with an incredible community of developers, designers, freelancers, agency owners, and web professionals of all sorts.

From the best in ExpressionEngine and the best in business. This year’s topics include building a successful agency with EE, ways to facilitate communication between designers and developers, and reflections on lessons learned from the implementation of EE 3.0. Our goal for you is to leave this year’s conference having both enhanced your skills and broadened your horizons in all things concerning ExpressionEngine.
This year will be better because you’ll be there. You are the secret sauce to making the conference everything it should be. We just provide the space, drinks, and food!

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The Perks

Topics & Agenda

Topics &

We make sure topics are new, fresh and pertinent to building your ExpressionEngine knowledge. They speak for themselves - have a look!

  • Automated Testing: Deliver with Confidence
  • Pots, Meet the Kettles: Integrating Developers with a Creative Team
  • Image Workflow & Management for ExpressionEngine
  • GitFlow: Making Git Work for You
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Dear [insert boss name/title],

The 2016 ExpressionEngine conference will be taking place from October 3-4 in Detroit, MI. As a community-run event, this conference will give me the opportunity to hear from the best minds using ExpressionEngine, and will provide a unique insight from business leaders and web professionals from all over.

I would like to attend the EE Conference because it will help me make our company more successful. The world needs more great ExpressionEngine people, and I want to be the best. Gaining this knowledge will give us an undoubtable leg up on our competition. I look forward to growing in my role at [insert company name] and learning from the speakers at the ExpressionEngine Conference will help me towards that goal.

The ExpressionEngine Conference will connect me with the best, and eventually largest web professional community on the planet. This means more people, resources, and contacts that will make us stronger and more valuable to the people we serve.

Another great perk to my attendance at this event is that you will learn from this too. Based on response from last year’s event, attendees left inspired enough to return with blog posts and extensive notes. I am prepared to present this information to you and show how it will benefit [insert company name].

If it wasn’t apparent already, I am very excited about this event. It will give me an opportunity to grow, as well as benefit the company through my experience moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to consider these details. I would also like to speak about this in person at your convenience.

[your name]

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