Full-Stack is Overrated: Why We Care More About Expertise

At Shoe Shine Design & Development, we've learned that specialization in the the website build process churns out better results and happier developers. I'll share how we split up our development process for site builds and tell you why we do it. Whether you are a freelancer or larger agency, it's time to examine your website development process. At minimum, I hope people will take away a tangible milestone structure for full-site builds. I also hope people take away the idea that technical expertise rather than a technical “jack-of- all-trades” model is important to long-term stability and growth.


It may seem unlikely that an ordained pastor with a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy would become a successful web developer and web agency owner, but then there’s Stephen Callender.

After six years of grad school and church work in Los Angeles, Stephen, with his wife, Maggie, relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for an extended detour in Spanish immersion and the Argentine lifestyle. What was to be just a one-year adventure turned into three, due in-part to Stephen’s success building Shoe Shine into a reliable development business.

Shifting away from development to project management and business goals, Stephen has built the Shoe Shine team over the past two years to bring more expertise to projects.

When he’s not at his desk in Columbus, Ohio, Stephen can be found playing with his 2-year-old son, cooking, gardening in his community garden, or working at his church. 

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