Put Down the Add-on and Back Away from the Pink CP: Getting the Best from ExpressionEngine 3

It's easy once you've been using ExpressionEngine for a while (or a long while) to fall into established patterns of site building. That's good in a lot of ways, but you can end up missing some really useful new additions. I'm hoping users both old and new will come away with at least one feature that they haven't been making use of that will help them build better, stronger, and faster sites.


I'm the EllisLab support liaison, which means I see a lot of sites and help a very wide variety of folks who have questions about their ExpressionEngine sites.

I'm currently living in Greensboro, NC and when I'm not puzzling out other people's template structure I can be found running my dog Lucky at agility trials.

Why I'm going to the 2016 Conference:

  • Learning

  • Meeting People

Why I like using EE

  • Templating system is awesome
  • EllisLab = great people
  • Great software