Image Workflow & Management for ExpressionEngine

In today's web, where performance and flexibility are key, image workflow & management have become a headache. John Henry will examine working with images on EE2 and how to approach them in EE3. Become comfortable with ExpressionEngine image management and development, learning useful techniques for art direction, responsive design and optimization aspects of managing an image workflow.


John Henry lives in Cork, Ireland. He is a graduate of industrial design and is self taught in graphic and web design. He works from home as the Technical Director for Red Moon Media, which is also based in Ireland. He lives with his continuously upbeat wife and fights for office space with 4 children in his busy kitchen. He has previously held the position of a Technical Support Specialist for EllisLab and now curates ExpressionEngine content for John Henry has spent the last 17 years being the poster boy for ‘Jack-of-all-trades’, working in all sectors including print, animation, 3D, video and web.

When he is not working in the kitchen, you can find him in the kitchen baking bread, which has become his obsession in the last couple of years.

Why I'm going to the 2016 Conference:

  • Learning

  • Meeting People

Why I like using EE

  • Flexibility