Making Volume Work: How I Built My Agency Making Small Projects Profitable

Before I was 30, my agency had grown to 10 employees and did work all over the country. It wasn't always this way; we had to start locally. Montana has grown hard working people, but not that many have big budgets. We found a way to make small website projects very efficient and profitable and before we knew it we were producing 60 - 80 websites a year. This talk will discuss culture, processes, tools and strategies to make small websites profitable and help grow your business.


Ben Fjare was born in Big Timber MT, a town of 1600 people. He is a former D1 college athlete. Currently outside of owning Prime, he also teaches a 100 level college course at Montana State University, organizes and produces a PRCA pro rodeo, coaches middle school football, and plays a mean ukulele.

Why I'm going to the 2016 Conference:

  • Learning

  • Meeting People

Why I like using EE

  • Simple templating language and system
  • Easy separation of content and design
  • Robust and amazing 3rd party community