Surviving a Flood - Moving Your Tools to the Cloud

The cloud can be a crowded place full of tools promising better efficiency, data redundancy, mobility, scalability, and a whole host of other ideas that are set to appeal to everyone. However many companies have a hard time staying with a tool and getting buy in from their team long enough for the tool to be successful, leaving data in many places and everyone doing their own thing. Learn how to choose what areas of your business can be moved to the cloud and how to build a cloud-based workflow that can sustain a disaster through four basic steps: evaluation, planning, communication, and documentation.


I live in Lexington, SC (just outside Columbia). I’m responsible for all front end development, being bridge between the front and backend, and finding solutions for either our clients or internal team. I love spending time with my family (my Bride, and two sons [5 & 2].

Why I'm going to the 2016 Conference:

  • Learning

  • Meeting People

Why I like using EE

  • Freedom and ease of use